The extraordinary Engagement & Fundraising platform for charities, schools and not-for-profits of any size.

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Vega Works for you

Simple to use, because it is designed for YOUR organisation's processes, yet hugely powerful. Vega is a fundraising and engagement platform for not-for-profits, schools and community organisations. Vega will lift your impact, engagement and, used correctly, your revenue.

  1. Designed by fundraisers for fundraisers. We know first hand the challenges non profits and community organisations face.  Many platforms in the commercial sector don’t address these unique issues and can be complex and complicated to use. 
  2. Offers world class engagement tools in an easy to use but highly featured platform which maximises the impact of your organisation’s messages.  This allows for  growth without increasing staff numbers and has accessible yet sophisticated reporting and analysis tools. 
  3. Can significantly help to reduce staff time spent on repeating tasks – from outreach to communications to fundraising, Vega will save you time and money and release staff to help achieve your mission. For medium to larger organisations we expect to achieve savings equivalent to at least 1 FTE.
  4. The mission, messaging, and values, belong to you. Vega provides the best available platform to deliver those messages and engage your selected recipients.


Choose the best software for your charity or not-for-profit organization and get the best results for it too.  

  • Delivers more features as standard 
  • Works ‘out of the box’, is quick to learn and easy to use
  • Makes advanced fundraising possible, even with small teams
  • Delivers automation and process intelligence that saves significant time
  • Made in NZ you
Achieve more for your mission, save time and money, release staff with vega’s smarter, all-in-one platform. Your ROI will be extraordinary.
Get all the tools you need in one place for less. No hidden costs. No need for third party applications like email, SMS, Survey, Address Verification and advanced document designer.
Vega can actually save you money.
Designed and built by people from the sector.

Save money, time and resources by consolidating all your engagement and fundraising tools into one easy to use CRM

Have a look around the website to see what Vega can do for you.