Vega break through for Nonprofits & Charities

Vega Engagement Intelligence

Perfect for Charities & Nonprofits of all sizes

The flagship Vega Engagement Intelligence (EI) platform is changing expectations and outcomes for not-for-profits everywhere. Vega EI is designed for all fundraising organizations or organizations that need to build and maintain beneficial relationships with stakeholders, donors and contacts. Vega EI is suitable for nonprofits & charities of any size.

Vega for CEOs and Executive Directors

Did we mention the  ease of migration?
 Vega’s experienced team of engineers and project managers will migrate you from your legacy platform in weeks². Organizations can achieve the equivalent of 1 FTE in savings. Spend those savings on great campaigns instead.

Vega process improvements 
Vega’s process automation and time-saving ease of use can potentially impact every area of your organization from Finance to Supporter Care. Vega’s integration to XERO­® gives you full integration of your bank account and finance system. Vega integrates to payment gateways like STRIPE®, communications platforms like TWILIO® and more, to provide a complete organization platform

Vega’s ROI is unbeatable 
Watch how quickly fundraising and engagement returns improve. As repetitive tasks are automated and staff costs are reduced, everyone benefits.

Future proof your organization with Vega and watch your returns grow!

Vega for Fundraising and Marketing Directors

Vega is designed by Fundraisers for Fundraisers and it shows!
Vega makes staging integrated campaigns possible and achievable, even for small teams.

Imagine doing everything you want to do… from staging complex events to delivering great DM, eDM, SMS or Social media campaigns, even with follow-up telemarketing. Then imagine doing all this from the one platform. All Vega modules integrate into the VEGA CRM & Supporter Insights platform.

Vega recognises that Millennial’s respond differently through different channels, as do Gen-X and Baby Boomers. Vega lets you communicate your call-to-action through the most effective channels for each market segment. 

Run regular on-going surveys, chat4 and other engagement hooks that give you vital insights into supporter motivations and ambitions. Turn this into vital intelligence to better target and communicate your mission. 


Vega for Trust, Bequest, High Donor and Corporate Fundraising Teams

Vega lets you create and use “Donor Journey” templates for special categories of donors.
Vega let’s you calculate and use “proximity” indicators and metrics that point to “special” donor alignment with your cause.
Vega’s bring-ups and reminders lets you manage diaries and events related to key funders.
Develop a High-Nett Worth donor programme and  seek endorsement from identified opinion leaders

Vega for Communications & Digital Staff

Imagine being able to communicate to any segment of your database, with a full rich history, without compromise or the need to synchronise between platforms.

Vega delivers –

  • Fully integrated document management including advanced design and personalisation of content
  • Rules base document content (if-then-else) to allow for targeted variable content
  • Personalised communications across all common channels (email, letters, SMS, WhatsApp and Messenger)
  • Advanced and comprehensive analytics covering delivery, opens, calls-to-action
  • Full unsubscribe exit survey and full supporter surveys at any time
  • Address lookup and validation available through Australia POST², New Zealand Post or Google Maps
  • Unique intelligent landing pages in YOUR website that combine fully customisable dialogues, with
  • Post-transaction surveys and marketing automation that provide rules-based follow-up engagement opportunities and pathways

Vega for Event Management Teams

The Vega Events Module is included as part of your Vega Monthly subscription. The module brings together Events, Vega Workflows, Vega Communications, Vega Surveys and Vega Insights to give you a complete engagement platform centred on events as funnels.
Vega Events can deliver In-Memoriam, Challenge, Ticketing, Gala and Team Challenge events along with bookings and event configuration.
Vega Events eliminates the need for external event management products and is totally contained in your website, driving traffic to your website and encouraging donations or other engagements.

Vega for Telefundraising Staff

Vega Telefundraising Module allows you to define and configure calling files and deliver call management and call reporting to your team.

Vega Telefundraising, like all Vega modules, integrates into Vega Workflows, Vega Communications, Vega Surveys and Vega Insights to give you a powerful tool to augment your communications programmes.

Vega for Supporter Care Staff

Vega starts in your website with as many dialogues for donation, regular giving, event, campaign, donor self-service or survey options as you need. All web transactions are processed, updated, receipted and can even have post-transaction follow-up built around Vega’s Workflow and Survey engine.

Vega Desktop lets you access donors easily, segment donors, process or re-print receipts, and maintain a complete contact service and engagement history. All this in one easy to use platform.

Process volume data in batches or one-off transactions easily. See a comprehensive record of all your interactions with any contact.

Import large datasets from external data sources through Vega Import Templates. Vega provides you with full control to profile participant preferences, filters and interests.

Vega for Volunteer Managers

Profiling volunteers for health and safety, availability, skills and interests is all part of the Vega Volunteers Module. Add-in Time and Attendance and you start to have a great module for caring for your volunteers.

Vega Volunteers integrates to Vega Events, Vega Communications, Vega Web Dialogues, Vega Workflows and Vega Surveys to allow you to nourish your volunteer community and celebrate their contribution.

Vega for the Finance Team

Using low-cost XERO® as a bridge to your bank account through Vega, gives you complete access to your online statements. You can use XERO® as your accounting system or not, but Vega with XERO® gives you a complete framework for importing and processing direct credits or recurring payments!  Don’t spend time downloading, importing and reconciling, Vega eliminates the need.

Vega provides posting files and where possible, API integration to all major accounting systems.

Vega integrates to most common payment gateways and recommends STRIPE®

All transactions, whether through web dialogues or desktop processing, are coded to an appropriate general ledger and campaign code.

Vega’s recurring Payment Manager makes it easy to process and receive recurring payments. Annual or one-off receipting is also available.

Process, receipt and acknowledge large volumes of transactions with ease through Vega Batch Manager. 

Vega Costs & Return on Investment

Vega offers subscription-based pricing that is based on volume and usage. 
Vega will quote to migrate data and systems from any existing platform.

1–  Vega monthly subscription includes emails but excludes provider-imposed chargers for address lookup or SMS delivery, where applicable. See
2–  Provider charges may apply.

One solution. One monthly fee. 100% tailored for not-for-profit organizations.