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The Easy Online Raffle for Charities, Schools and Community Organisations

Using the Vega  Raffle Module either as a standalone Raffle platform or aspart of the Vega Non-Profit CRM & Membership system, Vega promises to makestaging your OnlineRaffle easy and simple.


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For larger organisations or for record setting promotional help Vega is proud to work with partners such as Aspire Fundraising. Aspire will supercharge your Raffle.

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Vega doesn’t run the Lottery, your organisation does.

Vega is not the lottery or raffle operator, your organisation is.   Check the links below for license requirements in Australia and New Zealand. 

Raffles are all about promotion. Having exciting prizes and a good cause can generate real revenue for your organisation, but you need to promote it.  Vega can really help with that.


All you need to do to run your raffle through Vega, is sign up to a Vega account.  We set up the Vega Raffle Sales widget on your website from which all tickets are issued.   Any lists and names you have are imported into Vega so you can promote your raffle to them.  You can also use social media for promotion.


Once you have decided on your prize and applied for a license ( in NZ you will need a license to run your raffle online) , Vega templates help you create documents to issue tickets, acknowledge purchasers and do other “engagement and fulfilment” tasks.

Everything you need to know about setting up your raffle is  explained in Vega Documentation but you decide

  • How many tickets you will try and sell
  • The value of your prize/s
  • The total value of your sales
  • The ticket numbers you wish to issue
  • How long the raffle will run

Draw fulfilment
When your raffle is finished, you run your DRAW through Vega and your winner(s) are selected and displayed. Vega will audit and verify your raffle and randomly draw winners from the available pool. You may need to have an official present or police. Your license will cover this.



You  require a license to run a raffle online. Te Tari Taiwhenua | Department of Internal Affairs



States regulate charity lotteries and raffles. So please check with the appropriate state regulator. Click the button below to access some quick tips


The configuration, promotion support and ticket sales service is charged at a tiny 5% of revenue from tickets sales capped at $50,000 maximum cost to you. You keep 100% of revenue from donations.


This  service will involve unlimited promotional boosts, ticket sales widgets in your or sponors websites, advice on ticket bundles, ticket design and pricing and full ticket sales management through your gateway.
** Boosts via sms incur a provider fee.

That means we invoice after the lottery is complete and 100% of donations go to your organisation. There is a one-off support fee covering a minimum of 4 hours configuration, training and set-up.



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Vega, the leader in Charity Raffles

Imagine all your promotion, communications, ticketing, delivery, receipting & lottery management in one platform? 
That is the power of Vega tuned to and configured for Charity Raffles. Close integration to financial systems, communications systems, payment systems, satisfaction surveys and Vega’s unique workflow engine, provides the complete breakthrough platform for anyone seeking to run a successful charity raffle.

Vega is firstly an engagement engine. That means you can continuously survey or chat¹ with your contacts and lottery participants. Use the opportunities that Vega provides to do promotions and upgrades.

Using Vega Targeting and Communications engine, you can reach any audience by mail, email, SMS or even WhatsApp/Messenger.

Vega is a flexible, scalable and effective one-stop-shop for Lottery Managers.

Vega for Contact Care Staff

Vega starts in your website with as many dialogues, event, campaign or lottery options as you need. All web transactions are processed, updated, receipted and can even have post-transaction follow-up built around Vega’s Workflow and Survey engine.

Vega Desktop lets you access lottery participants, segment participants, process or re-print receipts, maintain a complete contact purchase and service history. All this in one easy to use platform.

Process volume data in batches or one-off transactions easily. See a comprehensive record of all your interactions with any contact.

Import large datasets from external data sources through Vega Import Templates.

Vega provides you with full control to profile participant preferences, filters and interests.

Vega for Communications and Marketing Staff

Imagine being able to communicate to any segment of your database, with a full rich history, without compromise or the need to synchronise between platforms.

Vega delivers –

  • Fully integrated document management including advanced design and personalisation of content
  • Rules base document content (If-then-else) to allow for targeted variable content
  • Personalised communications across all common channels (email, letters, SMS, WhatsApp and Messenger)
  • Advanced and comprehensive analytics covering delivery, opens, calls-to-action
  • Full unsubscribe exit survey
  • Address lookup and validation available through Australia POST², New Zealand Post or Google Maps
  • Unique intelligent landing pages in YOUR website that combine fully customisable dialogues, with personalisation, post-transaction surveys and marketing automation that provide follow-up engagement opportunities and pathways.²

Vega for Financials Staff

Using low cost XERO® as a bridge to your bank account through Vega, gives you complete access to your online statements. You can use XERO® as your accounting system or not, but Vega with XERO® gives you a complete framework for importing and processing direct credits or recurring payments! Don’t spend time downloading, importing and reconciling, Vega eliminates the need.

Vega provides posting files and where possible, API integration to all major accounting systems.

Vega integrates to most common payment gateways and recommends STRIPE®

All transactions, whether through web dialogues or desktop processing, are coded to an appropriate general ledger and campaign code.

Vega’s recurring Payment Manager makes it easy to process and receive recurring payments. Annual or one-off receipting is also available.

Process, receipt and acknowledge large volumes of transactions with ease through Vega Batch Manager.

1– Available 2nd Qtr 2020
2–  May be subject to provider charges
3–  Vega EI or Vega Engagement Intelligence is the flagship Vega edition containing all modules and features of Vega.

One solution. One small monthly fee. 100% tailored for not-for-profit organizations.