Vega tuned for Subscription Associations

Vega Alumni Edition

Perfect for School & University Alumni Associations

Developed for all education sector institutions that maintain alumni associations, this premium edition of Vega Engagement Intelligence (EI)  brings all the power and features of Vega focused on and configured for the management of alumni associations of all sizes.

Communicating to thousands of graduates and staff has never been easier, whatever media channel you choose. In many cases, you will reduce costs immediately by eliminating third-party add-ons for communications or financial processing. But you will never sacrifice functionality or power!

When you add in Vega’s Capital Campaigns Module and Events Module with Vega’s all-round fundraising power, Vega Alumni Edition provides a complete end-to-end association management and fund-raising platform.


Vega for Vice-Chancellors

Deliver vibrant and engaging communications to thousands of Alumni and staff using the Vega communications platform. 

Maintain comprehensive records of all graduates and build an interactive and engaging dialogue about the benefits the school and its diaspora.

Run great scholarship, capital and other fundraising campaigns.

Provide your Alumni team with the very best tools for their roles. Reduce workloads and expand your reach by using Vega Marketing Automation. Do more with fewer resources.

Vega for Alumni Secretaries

Vega Workflow Automation, Vega Intelligent Webpages, Vega Communications Engine all give you ground-breaking tools to build engagement with graduates and staff.

Vega lets you intelligently profile your contacts, distill insights and develop meaningful and engaging dialogues that keep alumni involved in the life of the school or university.

Link Vega Alumni Edition to graduate databases and external data sources through Vega Import Server or the Vega API.

Design, build and deploy great multi-part campaigns and communications programmes using Vega.

If you do hold events, the Vega Events module has everything you need to manage invitations, tickets, receipting, reminders and attendance.

If you wish to run Capital campaigns, Bequest Programmes and general fundraising, Vega delivers great modules to help you with all these challenges.

Eliminate email, survey or other third-party tools, their cost and synchronisation.

Never have to re-key or double-handle data between systems.

Vega for Communications and Marketing Staff

Imagine being able to communicate to any segment of your database, with a full rich history, without compromise or the need to synchronise between platforms. 

Vega delivers – 

  • Your messages and calls-to-action
  • Fully integrated document management including advanced design and personalisation of content
  • Rules base document content (If-then-else) to allow for targeted variable content
  • Personalised communications across all common channels (email, letters, SMS, WhatsApp and Messenger)
  • Advanced and comprehensive analytics covering delivery, opens, calls-to-action
  • Full unsubscribe exit survey
  • Address lookup and validation available through Australia POST², New Zealand Post or Google Maps.
  • Unique intelligent landing pages in YOUR website that combine fully customisable dialogues, with personalisation
  • Post-transaction surveys and marketing automation that provide follow-up engagement opportunities and pathways

Vega for Financial Staff

Using low-cost XERO® as a bridge to your bank account through Vega, gives complete access to your online statements. You can use XERO® as your accounting system or not, but Vega with XERO® gives you a complete framework for importing and processing direct credits or recurring payments! Don’t spend time downloading, importing and reconciling, Vega eliminates the need.

Vega provides posting files and where possible, API integration to all major accounting systems.

Vega integrates to most common payment gateways and recommends STRIPE®

All transactions, whether through web dialogues or desktop processing, are coded to an appropriate general ledger and campaign code.

Vega’s recurring Payment Manager makes it easy to process and receive recurring payments. Annual or one-off receipting is also available.

Process, receipt and acknowledge large volumes of transactions with ease through Vega Batch Manager.

One solution. One monthly fee. 100% tailored for not-for-profit organizations.