How Vega Makes Work Easy

Vega works for you

While you make a difference

At Vega we’re all about making life easier for the people who make a difference – that’s you.
Vega’s charity and fundraising software brings the very best features to social organizations everywhere, at a subscription price they can afford.

Vega empowers so many roles

Here’s a glimpse at how vega can help across the whole organisation


Vega can transform your organization's workflows and practices

Vega will save you money across your whole organization by reducing the time spent on administrative tasks, and automating common and recurring tasks. What’s more, vega can save you money by consolidating applications into one easy to use platform. There’s no need for email applications or other add-ons, vega does it all for you.

Reporting is easy. Metrics are rich and insightful. You can easily track performance, identify opportunities and account to others. 

Vega is transformative.

Finance Managers

Don’t spend time downloading, importing & reconciling, with Vega there's no need!

Vega integrates with all major accounting systems and most common payment gateways, including STRIPE®. Vega with XERO gives you a complete framework for importing and processing direct credits or recurring payments.  

All transactions, whether through web dialogues or desktop processing, are coded to an appropriate general ledger and campaign code. Vega’s Payment Manager makes it easy to process and receive recurring payments. Annual or one-off receipting is also available.

Process, receipt and acknowledge large volumes of transactions with ease through Vega Batch.

Fundraising and Marketing Managers

Vega helps small and large organizations reflect a true donor-centric engagement strategy

Vega makes advanced, responsive and effective fundraising, engagement and supporter care programmes possible for organizations of any size.

Vega is built on and implements global fundraising best practice. Vega has all the communications, engagement, event management, response management and financials that any contemporary Fundraising or Marketing Manager needs. With Vega, fundraising is easy and impactful.


Designed by fundraisers for fundraisers, vega helps you deliver dynamic fundraising campaigns

Our inbuilt fundraising knowledge is reflected in the platform so it’s practical, effective and easy to use. Vega Works has everything you need to grow donations and extend your reach.

From responsive and intelligent targeting, through to extensive delivery media and advanced analytics, vega let’s you focus on the ‘calls to action’ because vega takes care of the delivery.

Communications and Digital Engagement Staff

Engage your community, extend your reach and grow your cause - vega makes it easy

Getting your messages delivered on the correct platform to reach each donor audience is vital. So too is tailoring your message to each audience’s aspirations. With vega you can achieve both.

Vega makes it easy to communicate on the platform best suited to your audience. Vega’s workflow automation lets you build advanced responsive and flexible engagement strategies with donors of all types. From induction, life cycle journey management, regular giving recruitment, retention and upgrade, high donor, bequest and event based giving, vega has it all.

Supporter Care Staff

Automate supporter care and response with Vega Workflows

Vega lets you customise and respond to all your supporter care requests, from contact preferences to donor segmentation and life-cycle management. Processing donations, sending receipts, printing annual receipts and more is easy.

Vega is the smarter,  more comprehensive platform that makes work easier for you