Vega perfect for Clubs & Societies

Vega Clubs & Societies

Perfect for Clubs, Societies & Subscriber Based Organizations

Vega’s Clubs & Societies Edition (CS) has been specifically developed for membership or subscriber based organizations, including professional bodies, clubs, societies and magazine distributors.

Built on the flexible and extensible Vega Membership and Subscriber Management engine, combined with workflow automation,  it makes membership renewal reliable, automated and effective.

Vega for Club Secretaries & CEOs

Give your team the very best in tools to manage, grow and service your membership. Give them tools that reflect the contemporary ways people like to interact with clubs or societies they belong to.

If your service delivery model is based on subscriptions to publications, then Vega’s Subscription engine can be tuned to your issue cycle.  Vega Workflows can help manage your renewals.

Vega is a 21st century communications platform built on a great CRM with payment management, contact profiling and subscriber or member management built in.

Vega for Membership Managers

Is one of your biggest challenges membership or subscriber renewal? If the answer is ‘yes’, Vega can help.
Vega’s Membership Engine allows you to set renewal rules, times or issues. You can install Automatic Renewal and Vega will deliver that. Or if you prefer to offer opportunities for donation or upgrade at renewal times, Vega can also help with that.

The Vega Workflow and Communications Engines can generate personalised renewal notices and service responses based on your timings and your membership renewal rules.

Imagine if the membership renewal process was handled by a responsive intelligent robot? 
That is the promise of the Vega Workflow Engine tuned for membership or subscriber renewal management. The entire renewal process can be assisted or even automated, leaving you with just a balance of members to contact

Vega For Marketing and Communications staff

Imagine being able to communicate to any segment of your database, with a full rich history, without compromise or the need to synchronise between platforms.

Vega delivers –

  • Fully integrated document management including advanced design and personalisation of content
  • Rules base document content (If-then-else) to allow for targeted variable content
  • Personalised communications across all common channels (email, letters, SMS, WhatsApp and Messenger)
  • Advanced and comprehensive analytics covering delivery, opens, calls-to-action
  • Full unsubscribe exit survey and full supporter surveys at any time
  • Address look-up and validation available through Australia POST² , New Zealand Post or Google Maps.
  • Unique intelligent landing pages in YOUR website that combine fully customisable dialogues, with personalisation
  • Post transaction surveys and marketing automation that provide rules-based follow-up engagement opportunities and pathways

Vega for Membership & Subscriber Care Staff

Vega starts in your website with as many dialogues, event, campaign or membership and subscriber options as you need. All web transactions are processed, updated, receipted and can even have post-transaction follow-up built around Vega’s Workflow and Survey engine.

Vega Desktop lets you access lottery participants, segment participants, process or re-print receipts, maintain a complete contact purchase and service history. All this in one easy to use platform.

Process volume data in batches or one-off transactions easily. See a comprehensive record of all your interactions with any contact. Import large datasets from external data sources through Vega Import Templates.

Vega provides you with full control to profile participant preferences, filters and interests.

Vega for Event Management Teams

The Vega Events Module comes as part of your Vega Monthly subscription. The module brings together Events, Vega Workflows, Vega Communications, Vega Surveys and Vega Insights to give you a complete engagement platform centred on events as funnels.

Vega Events can deliver in-memoriam, challenge, ticketing, gala and team challenge events along with bookings and event configuration.

Vega Events eliminates the need for external event management products and is totally contained in your website, driving traffic to your website and encouraging donations or other engagements.

Vega for Finance Managers

Using low cost XERO® as a bridge to your bank account through Vega, gives you complete access to your online statements. You can use XERO® as your accounting system or not, but Vega with XERO® gives you a complete framework for importing and processing direct credits or recurring payments! Don’t spend time downloading, importing and reconciling, Vega eliminates the need.

Vega provides posting files and where possible, API integration to all major accounting systems.

Vega integrates to most common payment gateways and recommends STRIPE®

All transactions, whether through web dialogues or desktop processing, are coded to an appropriate general ledger and campaign code.

Vega’s recurring Payment Manager makes it easy to process and receive recurring payments. Annual or one-off receipting is also available.

Process, receipt and acknowledge large volumes of transactions with ease through Vega Batch Manager.

One solution. One monthly fee. 100% tailored for not-for-profit organizations.