Community, Starter, Essential or Premium?

Whatever the scope of your organization, vega has a plan to suit you! Vega will, in most cases, repay it's costs (ROI) within months.
Important: The prices expressed here are guidelines only. Every quote is personalised to the organisation we serve. Please contact for your quote.
Vega comes in four pricing tiers to suit a wide range of organizations from small clubs and not-for-profits, to growing charities and groups, to global organizations that don't need limits. And as you grow, vega grows with you. Upgrade your package at any time, whenever you need it.


$35 Monthly


$240 Monthly

Most Popular


$1,200 Monthly



Vega serves clients of any size. Contact us.
Training and Professional Services are billed at $180 to $250 per hour*

*Pricing excludes tax
Onboarding covers training, data conversion (subject to conditions), vega configuration and web widget installation (subject to conditions)

All plans cover the basics

Vega has a huge list of features and most of them are available on all price-plans.

Our price plans are based on your needs, not arbitrary restrictions. You won’t miss out on any important features just for being a smaller organization!

Integrated CRM System

Vega gives you a powerful set of tools for managing your supporters; add new contacts on the fly or upload in bulk from a spreadsheet.

Mass Communication

Email, direct mail, social media and more. Mass communications and exports straight from your own supporter database.

Manage your Finances

Create, manage and post batches. Keep track of recurring payments, bank transactions and export to Xero.

Rich and Helpful Reports

Vega analytics gives you unparalleled insights into your donors. Use vega to target your appeals and see response rates soar!

Third Party Integrations

Use our customisable website widgets to subscribe, unsubscribe and receive donations from within your own website – all linked to the vega database.

No Hidden Costs

Email, data import, web dialogues and more, all as part of your monthly fee. Integrations to common platforms.

One solution. One monthly fee. 100% tailored for not-for-profit organizations.