About Vega

Vega empowers you!

We understand the challenges charities and not-for-profits face

At vega our mission is to empower charities and community organizations of all sizes. We do this by giving them the ability to manage and engage with their supporters quickly, easily and most importantly, inexpensively!

Vega’s nonprofit and charity management software has the best fundraising, eCommerce and workflow tools. As well as great engagement technologies and analytics, all built in. 

There is no need for third party tools.

Vega brings the very best technology to social organizations everywhere, at a subscription price they can afford

More comprehensive, easier to manage, cheaper too.

Vega is built around a core team of experienced fundraisers working with a world class team of developers from New Zealand, Europe and the US.

Vega is the fundraising and social reach platform that combines workflow automation, supporter engagement, campaign and financial management from your website to your back office.

Vega is taking the social and charity sector by storm.

Vega changes what is possible, what it costs and how accessible and usable your fundraising platform can be.

If you are currently using other software, vega will blow you away. Vega will help transform your future by saving you money and making work easier.

Meet Our Founder

Tony Lindsay

Founder and CEO at vega works

Hello, I’m Tony Lindsay, founder and CEO at vega works.

In a long career I’ve had the opportunity to work around the world for some of the largest and most innovative campaigning and fundraising organizations. I’ve seen and learned some wonderful techniques for how to reach out, get your message to people and engage them so that they support you.

I’ve always wanted to create a platform that would allow even the smallest community and social service group, anywhere in the world, to reach out to their supporters and members in an engaging way. I wanted to empower them by bringing them the very best features and technology at a subscription price they can afford.

That is what vega is and that is what vega realises. Vega is a one-stop shop for all engagement and management of your supporters, your members, your subscribers. It’s easy to use and affordable too.


Save money by consolidating all your applications into one easy to use CRM

Any client with 30,000 or more contacts saves more using vega than they currently pay for Mailchimp alone. The Vega Essential subscription plan for example, costs $299 per month which is the average of just two online donations.