Why Vega Works

Many people say “Vega sounds too good to be true.” It isn’t. Find out for yourself !

  • Best practice fundraising tools and features for NGO’s and community organisations
  • Built and engineered by people who have worked in the NFP sector for fundraisers and communications specialists
  • Superior workflow automation saves time and resources
  • All-in-one platform.   You can do everything in one system without the need for Mailchimp or other plugins and get the great results you deserve
  • More comprehensive than other platforms and offers best value for your investment
  • Easy to implement with no hidden costs
  • Practical and intuitive to use
  • Saves money by consolidating all your applications into one platform.  Integrates with key financial systems
  • Works for organizations of all sizes, allows you to grow and grows with you.

Vega offers subscription-based pricing that is based on volume and usage. 
Vega will quote to migrate data and systems from any existing platform.

1–  Vega monthly subscription includes emails but excludes provider-imposed chargers for address lookup or SMS delivery, where applicable. See vega.works/pricing
2–  Provider charges may apply.

Why switch to vega

  • Vega is designed by active fundraisers for fundraisers and engagement specialists
  • We know the struggles NGO’s and small organisations face and have designed with that in mind
  •  Vega has the best return on investment and the most competitive total cost of ownership in the marketplace 
  • Vega will release from administration the equivalent of 1 FTE for a medium to large organisation with more savings possible 
  • Vega’s integration and functional power means you or your team need to learn one tool and usually only one tool.